Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I hope for a bright day..hihihi..

Where should i start?

Ok..from this..from what i could see..i'm now totally like 'destruct myself' mood...why? hahaha..i think my life now feels so bored and dull..nothing change...i could see about that clearly..from the day i start blogging..i could say that i write all about fun, enjoyable, funny but now it turned out to be serious, bored and all about what am i facing every single day in my life..so, its like a 'destruct myself' button that have small note on it which ask me to push the button...hahahaha..this is not me...totally different...i guess being an adult are not really easy as what i see by the eyes of 11 yo boy..

from what Anonymous said...yes..i gotta get out from this..but, for the short term solution for myself to cheer up myself..I'm thinking to do things that hopefully could bright my day...
  1. I try to see everything in a very very positive way..doesn't mean i didn't have the positive attitude in me before, but becoz of the pressure in my life that i have to cope, i easily give up...so, i must be more positive..for example about my presentation this morning, it was really hethic...but then, with my positive attitude, i manage to take the presentation as a challenge..it end up, i present my research in a high spirit...chewaaah!
  2. I could say, it really help to warm my heart by listen to the music..yes..i think, started from dis night..hopefully i could spent some time to listen to the music..i love to listen to the yahoo messenger's radio - coffeehouse station because it really make me feel really calm..
  3. I should stop thinking to much about money..yes..at this level, money is important..but thinking about money really make me stress..so, maybe i could thinking about it sometimes but should it should have some limitation..hahaha :P
  4. i wanna go workout..workout can give me a really good quality of sleep which makes me feel fresh ...hahaha..i must push myself at least for a jog maybe...hahaha
  5. last thing is..i must ignore people that try to act b**chy with me and enjoy every moment in my life...yes...life should be great..and i'm still young...i should not burden myself with crappy, drama things that really useless.....this is not reality show...hahahaha..this is reality..

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