Thursday, September 13, 2007

buat time kt rumah...1st day puasa...

4 jobs I’ve had in my life
1. cikgu tuisyen...
2. jadi abg pam minyak kat petronas sg. udang..brape bang?
3. operator pengeluaran kt kilang ayam..hihik..kilang farm best...bahagian nugget!
4. penyanyi?...dlm karaoke jamban je...

4 movies I can watch over and over again
1.Mr & Mrs Smith
2.Finding Nemo
3.Just Like heaven
4.Shrek trilogy

4 places I’ve been on vacation to
1. Cameroon!..hihi...
2. Genting Highland....gayatlah...esp time naik roller!
3. No 46, ln 8/3, seksyen 8...
4. Hospital Jempol, NS..hahahaha

4 of my favorite dishes
1. segala jenis nasi ayam...
2. segala jenis laksa....
3. segala jenis seafood...
4. segala jenis see food....

4 places I would like to visit
1. 7 bende ajaib dunia
2. tempat2 cam best kat dunia
3. bazaar ramadhan..nk beli makanan untuk buka..huhu
4. pkns bangi...hahahaha..nk beli milo..kt umah dh habis

4 most overused words
1. wow! this is so wow!
2. come on!
3. owh man!
4. hihihik...

4 TV shows I love to watch
1. sembelit kasih..esp org gaji die...mak jah...
2. natasha...esp org gaji die...mak Yam
3. manjalara...esp driver die...pak Noh
4. Friends...Ghunther...hahahahaha.....

4 things found in my bag
1. Baju PJ
2. Kad Gym
3. Resit2 ntah bile ntah nak buang....
4. Gel rambut Shape up...

4 things found in my wallet
1. IC
2. Duit
3. Kad ATM
4. Kad ade...dh...xde mende deh...3 brg je...

4 favorite things in my room
1. My Jingglipom ngan my Regina Flenggy
2. Tempat peraduanku yg bertatahkan emas celup...teet!
3. Laptop untuk membuka minda
4. Bau makanan secret recipe dr blakang rumah..ngahahaha

4 things im currently into
1. bace buku motivasi
2. bace jurnal
4. gunting rambut...bile la nk g ni?

4 people im goin to tag
aishah klemak ngan analone...

20 Ugliest Celebrities....~get from emel

1. Micheal Jackson
Did you really expect anyone else? Michael Jackson used to be a successful black singer, but took it upon himself to destroy his face and reputation. He now looks like an albino alien whose nose appears to change on a daily basis. Just goes to show you what can happen if you are too critical of your looks... you can end up an albino alien like Mike.

2. Marilyn Manson
Seriously ... what the hell happened to this kid? From the ghostly white makeup you can see on his black collar to the funky blue eye and blood red lips ... Marilyn Manson is a freak and there's nothing more to say, he's ugly by choice. And not only is he ugly, but he scares the crap out of us.

3. Jocelyn Wildenstein
Holy crap! This is what happens when you get obsessed with plastic surgery. A wealthy socialite from Switzerland, Jocelyn is actually a celeb for being so ugly. Her extreme appearance has led to the press giving her the nickname "The Bride of Wildenstein," a reference to The Bride of Frankenstein. Wildenstein has allegedly spent almost US$4,000,000 on cosmetic surgery over the years, all payed by her husband, the billionaire international art dealer Alec Wildenstein.

4. Michael Berryman
No, it is not make-up. This actor born in LA, suffers from Hypohidrotic Ectodermal Dysplasia (a rare condition leaving him with no sweat glands, hair, fingernails or teeth). He played Pluto in Wes Craven's 1977 horror film The Hills Have Eyes. He has also appeared in numerous science fiction and fantasy movies such as My Science Project (1985), Weird Science (1985), Armed Response (1986) and Evil Spirits (1990). He also appeared in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, and The Devil's Rejects. Berryman generally portrays mutant bikers, evil undertakers, monsters and other frightening characters. He has also starred in episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and The X-Files.

5. DJ Qualls
Ok, we are going to be really mean again, since he's actually ugly for a another terrible reason. We're actually happy to see he has turned it into a good thing, just like Berryman. Qualls also suffered from a rare condition: Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer, at age 14. After two years of surgery (including the removal of his spleen), chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, Qualls's cancer went into remission, which lent him his famous thin stature. In 1997, he enrolled at Nashville's Belmont University. At a performance in a local theatre he was discovered by David LaChapelle and became... a model!! Yes, a model, for Prada and Calvin Klein. He then got famous for his role on the movie "Road Trip".

6. Marty Feldman
And yet another terrible case. Marty Feldman (1934 - 1982) was an English writer, comedian and BAFTA award winning actor, notable for his bulging eyes, which were the result of a thyroid condition known as Graves Disease. He wrote situation comedies such as The Army Game, Bootsie and Snudge for the BBC and later had a series of his own on the BBC called Marty. He also appeared in The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother and Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, as well as directing and starring in The Last Remake of Beau Geste. He guest-starred in the "Arabian Nights" episode of The Muppet Show.

7. Clint Howard
No weird disease this time, he's just plain ugly. But then, again, it is probably what made him famous. Born in 1959, the actor appeared in Cocoon, Steve Martin's Parenthood, EdTV, Apollo 13, Austin Powers, That Thing You Do among others. In 1998, Howard was awarded the MTV Lifetime Achievement Award. He got married twice, just to show you that looks don't matter.

8. Shane MacGowan
This Irish musician is best known as the original singer and songwriter with The Pogues, and is considered one of the most important and poetic Irish songwriters of the last thirty years. A great find for our list... he's terribly horrible.

9. Lyle Lovett
Lyle Lovett has to have some good blackmail on someone. Otherwise, how in the hell did he ever get into acting? And the fact that Julia Roberts married this beast makes us think she's not only nuts, but ugly too. Tell us one thing that you find attractive about this man ... go on. Then we'll laugh at you.

10. Kelis
Holy hell ... Kelis is not bringin' any boys to the yard looking like that. There have been rumors that she is really a man, and quite frankly we are thinking something's not right with this chick. Every time we see her she has her mouth open and looks like she's ready to eat us. She's scary. Next time we see her, we are looking for the Adam's apple.

11. Iggy Pop
Rock singer, songwriter, and occasional actor, he is sometimes referred to by the nicknames "the Godfather of Punk". Iggy Pop was the lead singer of The Stooges, a late 1960s/early 1970s garage rock band who were influential in the development of the nascent heavy metal and punk rock genres. The Stooges became infamous for their live performances, during which it was not uncommon for Iggy Pop to leap off the stage (in fact, he was among the first to "stage dive"), smear raw meat (and on one occasion peanut butter) over his chest and/or cut himself with broken bottles. So this is how you get ugly by being nut.

12. Steven Tyler
Dude looks like a zombie. He's a great singer, a cool guy, the daddy of one of the hottest girls on hollywood, plus all the money and women one could ever dream of... and yet... ugly as hell.

13. Courtney Love
Drugs don't make people pretty... and this woman is about as ugly and classless as it can get.

14. Donatella Versace
Oh, how the years go by. Yes, she's talented, famous and rich, but... she's now ugly as hell!

15. Amy Winehouse
English soul, jazz, and R&B singer and songwriter, she's another drug victim. Now, get this: she has a number of "old school" tattoos of naked women on her body. When asked about them, she was quoted as saying "I like pin-up girls. I'm more of a boy than a girl in that way. I'm not a lesbian, though -- not before a sambuca anyway. And the she said she would own a beauty salon once her singing schedule calms down... that's a must.

16. Ronaldinho
Probably the world's best soccer player at this time, Ronaldinho might be one of the funniest, honest, and nicest celebs around... but he's also one of the ugliest. This brazilian is certainly saving his huge salary for something other than helping his image.

17. Kelly Osbourne
"Uh, I'm ugly." Yeah, we know Kelly. The British accent is cute and we love that she is all about being an individual, but quite frankly Kelly Osbourne's annoying and a brat. And we're not picking on her weight, because it fluctuates and we don't care. Weight really can't change whether you are ugly or not. And Kelly is on our list!

18. Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling must be thanking her daddy for helping her get into the acting business 'cause there is no other way she would EVER have made it. Thanks Aaron Spelling for ruining our lives! Sometimes you hope someone will grow on you after awhile, but even now when we see Tori on TV we immediately switch the channel. Yeah, it's that bad. And don't even get us started on her acting.

19. Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie O'Donnell is a bully, but it's not the bad temper what got her on our list... she's ugly, plain and simple.

20. Rachel Dratch
Don't get us wrong: we love Rachel. Her SNL sketches are hilarious, she's a great actress. But we are sorry to say she truly earned the last place on our list.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

About me....

aku suke beno wat tickle nih...sejak aku kenal tickle...dh banyak dah aku wat test la...kekadang kite x tau sape kite, ngan test2 yg ade ni...ok! tapi ade satu test yg mencuit hati...hahahaha...test ttg karekter friends yg menyamai sifat aku...hahahaha...aku dh wat test nih 3 kali...keputusan yg aku dpt ttp same...jadi, watak aku adalah watak Chandler Bing..hahahahaha....

Tickle!...cubelah! klik je...sonang eee!

Jin...siapakah ia? ~kuliah Dr Ismail Kamus

Jin berasal dari Jan (Bapak Jin) dan gelarannya Azazil. Dicipta dari api (biru), dan telah beramal puluh ribu tahun lamanya .

Apabila Allah swt. memerintahkannya supaya tunduk menghormati Nabi Adam, mereka telah ingkar. Allah swt. melaknat dan perintah turun ke bumi. Jin terbahagi kepada dua iaitu Jin Islam dan Syaitan.

Jin Islam pula terbahagi kepada dua iaitu Jin Islam(Soleh) dan Jin Tidak Islam (Tidak Soleh). Syaitan yang turun kesemuanya jahat (tidak Islam).

Makanannya dari Api (Asap). Itu sebab orang-orang Melayu dilarang mengunakan kemenyan kerana Jin paling suka dengan asap yang busuk. Tetapi orang-orang melayu ini degil, suka sangat dengan asap kemenyan. Beliau menambah, orang-orang yang suka hisap rokok itu, adik-beradik jin lah tuu.

Tempat tinggal Jin seperti di awan , sungai, hutan, lombong, laut, tempat-tempat tinggi (KLCC), tandas dan kubur.

Beliau menasihat apabila ingin buang air di perjalanan (contohnya jalan raya), perlu baca " Sala Mun, ' Ala Sulaiman, Fil 'alamin." Mengikut sirahnya jin sangat takut dengan Nabi Sulaiman. Orang-orang Melayu suka sangat membaca ucapan, "Ampun Datuk, Anak cucu tumpang lalu" Masa bila pulak jin dapat pangkat datuk. Dan masa bila pula, kita jadi cucu cicit jin !!!!

Jin tidak mengetahui akan alam ghaib, itu sebab jika ada dukun atau bomoh yang tahu menilik-nilik nasib, pembohong... ." Sirahnya apabila Nabi Sulaiman, memerintahkan jin untuk membina istananya, sehingga Nabi Sulaiman meninggal pun jin tidak perasan/tahu. Semasa itu Nabi Sulaiman duduk di kerusinya dengan tongkat k ayu . Dan jin tekun membuat kerja di hadapan-nya. Sehingga anai-anai memakan tongkatnya dan tongkat tersebut reput dan jatuh serta Nabi Sulaiman pun jatuh, maka barulah tahu oleh jin bahawa Nabi Sulaiman telah mangkat.

Manusia juga dilarang membuang air di lombong-lombong yang airnya tenang, terutama di waktu tengah malam. Jin suka mandi di situ, waktu itu. Di larang juga buang air di lubang-lubang (tanah).

Rumah-rumah yang lama tidak berpenghuni atau rumah yang baru siap belum duduk lagi, jin suka tinggal di situ. Sebelum duduk rumah baru, di galakkan membaca surah Al-Baqarah, sehingga habis. Jin lari selama 3 hari. Tidak perlu tepung tawar bagai.... orang mel ayu suka sangat menepung tawar !!!

Jika budak menangis tengah-tengah malam, azankan 7 ~ 10 kali, jika tidak bacakan ayat Kursi dengan cara 9 kali henti (tekniknya) sebab beliau pernah jumpa orang yang di rasuk.

Kasih maafkanlah....

Kasih jangan begitu
Pandangkanlah ke mataku
Jangan kau mengalih wajahmu
Jangan begitu
Jiwa rasa gelisah
Rayuku kau dengarkanlah
Apa yang inginku nyatakan
Kekadang diri ini memang terlupa
Melukai hatimu tanpa niat diriku
Maafkanlah aku...maafkan aku kekasihku
Ohooo ohooo ohooo

Kasih maafkan diri ini
Kasih dengarkan lagu ini
Aku sungguh sayang padamu
Aku takkan mahu hilangmu
Kerana ku tak berdaya tanpa dirimu
Janganlah kau biar aku sendiri
Menanti dalam resah yang begini
Kerana ku ingin di saat ini
Hanyalah hilangkan kerinduan
Dan berjanjilah padaku
Jangan tinggalkan hati ini
Kerana kita berdua untuk selamanya
Maafkanlah....Kerana kita berdua untuk selamanya

Monday, September 3, 2007

Kejadian di Alamanda....

Latar masa:
Petang Rabu...pkl 6.00 petang..mase tuh cuaca cerah je...xda hujan...salji apatah lagi...

Latar suasana:
Alamanda Putrajaya....baru lps tgk peti ais kat Carrefour...pastu nk mkn laksa lak kat lemon grass...kat kaunter tgh order laksa..Secara eksiden, terpandang seorang gadis tgh makan laksa ngan seorang kawan...berbaju kurung warna coklat tanah...pendek2 je orgnye....

Aku: Woit..ko prasan x..dr kaunter td aku usha bdk yg duk dpn kaunter tuh...ko prasan x?
Mr. N: prasan...yg tu kan...
Aku: la..aku rase tuh siti sarah la...tgk hidung die tuh..
Mr. N: aku dr td dh prasan...(ecececehh..ye2 la tuh..kiki)...xla serombong sgt hidung die kan...kat tv tuh aku tgk...huish!
Aku: hihihi...byk la...

Disebabkan meja aku ngan meja die agak dekat...maka dapatlah aku simpulkan memang siti sarah...dari suara die...sah2 la...tambahan pulak...aku tgk sume yg lalu lalang dpn die sume pandang2...dia pon cover2 je...sah2 la ni siti sarah..hurm..?

Lepas habis makan laksa..kiteotg berdua buat2 la nk ngeliat pinggang la...buat2 nk tgk dekorasi kedai la...nk tgk orang lain la...padahal nk tgk siti sarah..hahahaha...Agak2 dah puas ktorg pon blah..hihi..
*Mr.N adalah sorang lagi housemate aku...(dh! jgn tanye lebeh2)...

Edisi Merdaka...31 Ogos 1957

Ok...kali nih tentang merdeka...
Untuk tahun ni genaplah sudah 50 tahun Malaysia merdeka...mase malam 30 Ogos tuh...

ape yg aku buat?

hahaha...aku duduk rumah sorang2 korang tau tak...huhuhu..

dah kenape duduk sorang?

1. sebab semua housemate aku kuar tgk bunga api...ade kat Putrajaya..

2. sebab aku tunggu bapak aku ambik...die nk bawak balik kampung lepas amik adik aku kat Gombak..

3. sebab sume member yang aku ade..balik, kes xda member lah ni...

4. aku nk kuar tapi xda geng...

Buat ape kalo dah sorang tu?

gile Boring!...aku minum..salah!...aku makan...salah!..aku duduk...salah!..semua rase x best..semua boring...bukak internet..salah!..huh! last2 aku duduk kat luar pagar sambil layan blues sorang2...teringat pulak time merdeka mase tgh blaja kat ukm...yg aku ingat first year...mase merdeka aku kat UPM..tgk bunga api klcc dari kolej k10 UPM...second year kat ukm kat dewan gemilang...third year, aku g putrajaya tgk konsert merdeka...time tuh aku ingat siti sarah joget ala2 ulat nangka...fourth year...xda kemana..duk bilik je...borak2 ngan member2 aku sambil tgk vcd...malam time tuh hujan gerimis turun...menggambarkan hatiku..chewah!..hahahaha

pastu..ape berlaku?

xde wat ape...sampaila pkl 12 aku tgk Tv sambut feeling!..sbb bosan gile...12.30 tgh mlm baru la bapak aku sampai...jam katenye dari Gombak...Ok la...pastu..dari Bangi g seremban lak amik adik aku...Jam lagik...hampeh btol...last2 sampai umah pkl 4.00 pagi... Tdo...tdo...tdo...Jangan cakap aku x patriotik...rerotiknye...aku bosan je...tu yg xda feeling tuh..Babai!

Idea memasak kat rumah aku..huhu

Latar masa:

suatu petang yang dingin dan hening...(maklumlah lepas hujan...angin pon sejuk..heninglah tu...)hihihi...pkl 7.45 petang...hari sebelum hari selasa...selepas ahad...

Latar suasana:
aku tgh duduk kat sofa berdua dengan Mr.S sambil tengok TV ntah cerita apa ntah...aku pon dah x ingat....*Mr.S adalah housemate aku...bekerja di Putrajaya...(dh! jgn tanye lebih2)

Mr.S: Weh..ape kate kite masak nak hari nih?
Aku: masak?...owh! masaklah...ko masaklah stok sardin aku tuh...nak masak ape?
Mr.S: Masak la...masak ape2 ke..ape2..Aku: yela...masak ape?...masak la...kalo ko nak masak aku on je...
Mr.S: Masak la...masak ayam ke...
Aku: masak ayam?..Ok..masak ape?Mr. S: ntah...tapi masak ayam la...
Aku: ??..huh?...Ok..kite g pkns la...beli barang..sampai sane nanti kite fikir nak masak ape...

Maka, nak dijadikan cerita...sampai kat pkns...beli la barang yang nak...senarai barang: beras, ayam, daun sup, kobis, tempe dan rempah sup (baru decide nak masak sup selepas beberapa minit bermundar mandir dalam billion sambil melakukan teknik berfikir secara serius )..Ok..siap! balik umah...

Mr.S: Err...ko masaklah...aku x brape geti la nk masak sup..biar aku goreng sayur ngan lain2 sume..ko buat sup...
Aku: Err..ok..(dengan konfiden...sbb sebelum tuh aku pon x brape tau sangat nk masak sup...naseb baik la blakang rempah sup ade bagitau macam mn nk masak sup..tu yg konfiden tuh...hahahaha)..aku pon kelam kalibot buat sup yg hentah jadi hentahkan tidak..hihi

Bila dah siap ajak la yg lain2 makan same..Humang aih..kira ok la sup yg aku buat tuh..sbb rase sup...erk...padahal aku ikut je resepi blakang rempah sup tuh (taktik nih xda sape tau, ia cume terbongkar dalam blog ni je...huhuhu)..semua yg makan...membuntangkan mata sambil berkata "wow! this is so wow!"...hahahaha..xlah..tipu je...semua cakap ok la..hahahaha..x pasal2 semua housemate aku lantik aku secara rasmi jadi AJK pemakanan & rekreasi rumah...hahaha...(sebab konon2 aku tau masak & atas alasan aku join program cergas 2007 dan menjadi ahli gym dengan bayaran rm15 setahun...hahahaha)....begitulah kesah aku....Babai!


Ok..aku skrg dh bergelar GRA sbb dh start master kan…so, masalah bile nk mule nih…gaji GRA ni lembab gle nk proses…gaji RA yg bulan Jun hari tuh pon baru dpt tgh bulan ogos lepas…skrg nih bulan julai ngan bulan ogos pulak stuck…hadoi hai! Leceh jugak la time xda gaji nih..sume tersekat..nak belanja pon kira2…

skrg ni tgh tunggu bile la cek dua2 bulan ni bakal dapat...hampeh btol la...tapi yang pastinye...bile dh dpt gaji nanti..byk bende nk kene bayar...salah satunye adalah hutang ptptn yang hampeh tu...bole jadi, hantar surat peguam mintak bayar...alahai..aku pon x sampai lg setahun abis pon dh smbg master...ade hati lak die mintak bayar...cet!...ape2 pon aku akan bayar walaupon sekadar rm 10...hahaha...padan muko!

woi bendahari la hoi!...copek la bayo...den toringin beno la hai nk cek tu copek...duo bulan den x dapek gaji den...huhu..apo la hai....

Gambo xde kaitan dengan cerite di atas...sekadar hiasan sahaja..kuikuikui

Majlis Graduasi UKM 2007

Pada 11 ogos yg lepas..selamatlah aku konvo selepas 3 tahun setengah duk habiskan blaja kt bumi ukm tuh…aku dpt sesi, relakslah sikit kan…hari aku konvo tuh jatuhnye pada hari sabtu…so, just nicelah untuk family aku berkumpul sesame…tgk pesta konvo ukm mcm mn…hahahaha..biasa je sbenarnye..x teruk..x jugak hampeh…hihi…
Perasaan aku?

Well, untuk konvo aku mcm x rase ape2 sgt pon..kalo korang nk tau hari jumaat tuh aku x sure lg aku nk pki ape..disebabkan itu, mak aku asyik talipon je…suruh beli baju la..seluar la…member2 kt lab pulak asyik tanye je nk pki baju ape…baju melayu ke? Suit ke? Xpon kemeja ape…aku mmg blur gile…so, tgh hari jumaat tuh aku beli la baju kemeje sehelai..ingat nk cari baju warne ungu cair (sbb aisyah kate ungu cair agak ok la…)skali…mase kat kedai nmpk warne baju tuh mcm ungu cair tapi bile balik umah rupe2 nye warne biru cair..hempeh btol…bantai je…jadi aku pakai kemeja biru cair ngan suar warna khakis…hahaha..bantai je…
Semasa konvo? Ape terjadi?

Yeah..aku konvo skali ngan si azwan tuh, member se bioinfo…naseb baik ade geng..walaupon sorg…junior2 bioinfo pon ade tapi aku x duk ngan dieorg sbb time tuh aku dh tercepat msk, x jumpe dieorg..hehe..memula masuk dewan aku mcm cuak jugak la..last2 sbb lame sgt tunggu samapi giliran aku, aku ngantuk lak…dan harap2 majlis ni cepat habis…sampai giliran aku, masa jalan atas pentas aku amik fail skrol tuh ngan diiringi muzik orchestra mcm crite triller…suspen gle…

Lepas konvo?

Macam biasa…bergambo sekeluarga…pastu balik sbb memasing sume dh lapo…aku pon nk balik cepat sbb ngantuk…nex weeknye tuh aku x bersemangat nk kerje sbb sebok kene tgk member2 kejuruteraan yg konvo time week days..huhu..skali lagi, mak aku asyik call je…die suruh amik gambo dlm studio..yelah..aku amik…melayang rm 80 untuk gambo je…aku amik ngan ayed kt seksyen 15 (atas nasehat scott…huhu)…

Alhamdulillah…akhirnye tamat satu perjalanan..skrg aku kene tumpukan perhatian pada satu lagi perjalanan yang sedang aku tempuhi..ya! x lain x bukan…pengajian master aku ni ha yg semakin menghimpit aku sikit demi sedikit..insya Allah, boleh punye…aku percaye aku leh buat..cume kekadang tuh aku kene sungkit skit diri aku ni yg sedikit malas skrg…huhu..asyik Monday blues je pon x ok jugak kan…