Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jawab tag analone...


Colour: blue...green...looks yummy...P
Food: semua jenis makanan berasaskan tumbuh-tumbuhan dan haiwan..esp the spicy one..hihi
Song: skrg adalah new year..so i'm gonna start my year with aku bukan superstar-project pop
Movie: i am die hard Bridget jones and twilight...but baru2 ni tgk yes! man..ok gak
Sport: i hit gym...teet!
Day of the Week: opkos la Weekends..leh ke sana ke sini
Ice Cream: chocolate..yummy..and vanilla too..


Mood: lur...just donate my blood...
Taste: taste like i'm floating in the air but the truth is i'm 93 kg..teet!
Clothes: singlet with levi's jeans..hahaha..gile ape...i love graphic shirts...
Desktop: image of sea creature to remind me about environment..
Toenail Colour: got cagu..hahahahaha..white la...
Time: 2.53 pm...
Annoyance: full album project pop...
Thoughts: have an ice cream at mines after that read twilight...then barula nk settle keje..ke?


First Best Friend: zaid...
First Crush: adela...keep it as my own secret..kiki
First Movie: x ingt..maybe she's all that..kot....
First Lie: when i lie my brother spill somethin but actually it's me..teet!
First Music: new kids on the block..time tadika dulu..sbb my mom beli kaset die..teet!


Cigarette: never!
Drink: a lot..especially plain water..hihi
Car Ride: with si sue...
Crush: -zip it-
Phone Call: si sue..."ko dh abis derma darah ke blom?"
Song played: pacarku superstar - project pop


Dated one of your best friends: No! i am not...
Broken the law: of course...yes!
Been arrested: yeah..as a drug dealer...once..hehe
Skinny dipped: nothing at all...
Kissed someone you don’t know: hihihi..no..

EyAnA HuDa