Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pornography things....

"Pornography tells lies about women. But pornography tells the truth about men."

This quote i get from hannah's blog which she get from Malaysia-Finance blog...hehehehe..i guess its all about the 'leak' pictures of the Hong Kong celebrities which now spread happily in world web..guess what! they totally agree that was their picture and says that was for their 'private use'...duhh!

i guess this quote above really have their own meaning..for me, i have watched with my own eyes, guys who get addicted to porn (either porn pic or video) have such a serious problem..i have friends which addicted to porn..every time he surf the net, the first homepage that he saw was porn..then he will check his emel which is...full with porn mail..after that, download the porn into his laptop until his harddisk became full...with porn...what a waste! me myself, getting tired to see him..just imagine, he could watch porn from early as 9am and then continue watching it until 5pm..non stop! really idoit!

Not just that, words that came out from his mouth..all just about that porn 'term@words'..when we watching the 'prime time drama series' which is doesn't have any porn element on it..he could says that during watching the series, he imagine the actress become wild and all that..duhh! i guess better he stop creating imagination like that..please stop before ur brain gets tired ok!:P that really makes me think, thats why there were so many rape cases nowadays..maybe influenced by 'addicted to porn' things like this..thats why theres lots of cases girls that didn't reveal her body being a victim of all these freak..what a world! really dangerous..wild eyes that looking straight to u maybe have lots of meanings! better protect urself first!

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