Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hectic day of me...

i guess..i didn't hav lots of time to update my blog more frequently now...huhuhu :P maybe becoz after i lost my laptop in a tragic incident, i really have to depent on my 'staff computer' in my lab, if i have my time, i would update mine....huhuhu..before dis, i update my blog at the middle of the night..lots of idea came in and i could type my 'article' faster..hahahahaha....:P

But now! i have my PC back! yeS! before i buy my laptop, i have a plus size PC which i hav in, becoz of the 'missing my laptop' incident..i have to get my PC back to Bangi, so that easier for me to watch korean siries, internet surf and all that..wakakaka! i could update my blog frequently!..yup...i try...just last night, after back from work, all night long fulled with me, playing stronghold crusader..huhuhuhu..maybe i could learn how to rule my own country from dis game..:p

hope i could write more


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