Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What if I got Rm 500 000.00?

Last night at Buletin Utama...I heard news about someone rob a Bank in Penang and ran away with RM! what a money! Then, i started to create my dreams about what should i do if i have Rm 500k in my account...

1. I would zakat my money for how much it takes...pembersih harta tau zakat that my money will be blessed..
2. I would go to Makkah with my parents...That takes about RM 45k i guess...
3. Then, after that I would give some of my money with my siblings...maybe RM 5k each...? 5 times RM 5k...means RM 25k
4. I would buy a!...but maybe i just wanna buy the ordinary car like proton or perodua...value of cars now easily drop after few, theres no point i would buy an expensive car..
5. I would buy house thats in a potential area...maybe i would spent RM 200k for this...After that i will rent it...plg koman RM800 sebulan...
6. I would "labur" my money about RM 100k in any saham or other else "pelaburan"...u know! Maybe after 5 or 10 years, it would multiply more than RM500k....

a) saham=RM 100k b) house=RM 200k c) Cars+money for siblings=RM 100k d) Makkah=RM 45k

Another RM 55k..i guess i would use it to start my business or anything..But i would make sure i would generate more money....:P

"U know...the art of being rich is not how u spent ur money, but how u manage and save ur money as much as possible..."

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