Wednesday, January 16, 2008

About My hair!

It seems like...about two month i didn't get my hair cut...Yeah! now I think its getting longer and thick now...It feels good sometimes...I feel like I back to my "old times" when I have long hair with my really..really...great friends and bright moments..sometimes I feel like it touching inside me...This hair represent the happiness of my old day!...hahahahaha...Just with this hair I need more shampoo, more time to keep it clean..and the best part is, I could do like "release my hair" movement after I pull off my helmet...kikiki..

My spiky hair that i had before..I think its hot...But i guess sometimes I have become someone else with that hair...I dunno...I think, that hair was too shocking i guess...Yeah..some people said after u change ur hair style..It also bring up another attitude in u...Thats why, the "makeover" programme always change their hair style to shows how the make over can change u...yup! I guess thats right....:p Hahahaha...but never mind..maybe after this I will do that spiky hair again...Who knows right..? Hahahaha..

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