Sunday, March 4, 2007

Is Life Fair?

Yes - yup, when the luckiest day or an oppurtunity came to you and you really happy for that...
No - i think in life they got ying and yang...bile dpt yg baik pasti satu hari nanti kene uji dgn ujian dr yang maha esa...itulah dunia

Life is not fair.....
- if you see young children losing their innocent lives because of the old, greedy adults..seriously...slalo yg buat dunia huru hara ialah org tua yg diberi kuasa kpdnya oleh org muda mudi...huh!
- when you have to deal with corporate bullshit & politics..i think la..
- if u deal with someone who really love to backstabe u..huhu
- if the corrupted rich and richer the dirty way...So, kalo kite lihat...mmg dunia ni mmg x fair...tapi kite msh boleh mengubah nasib kite dgn tangan kita sendri..

Life is fair.....
- if you focus pada setiap bende yg kite buat smpi at the end of the day kite jd yg terbaik...
- when we got a very..very good friends and family that really support u in everything u, it's a bonus if ur special bf/gf always in ur side in every situation...
-when the world are in peace without any war...

Am I? No but I do try to focus on the things I can control. In life shit happens....often there's nothing you can do about it. As I reach (or am in) my early 20's, I've learned to distinguish between whats important and what not important to worry about.

I worry about....
- my health
- my appearence
- my family, my friends and the people I love
- my career (whats within my control)
- my relationship with God

I don't worry about...
- pleasing the world
- what others are doing
- what others have
- misfortunes (they just happen)

It sickens me to see people getting away with crime but I find peace knowing that one sweet day....justice will prevail! :D

My advice is to focus and worry about the things that you care about and can control! Try to "ignore" what's out of your control unless you need to face them.

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